Accountant Support

Why do you need Malaga Bookkeeping?

  • Have you waste time and money by fixing mistakes made by inexperienced or unregistered bookkeepers? 
  • You may have used a great bookkeeper who is now unable to take on new clients because her books are full
  • You may find yourself in an awkward situation where a client has a relative processing the bookkeeping, they are doing a poor job, and then complain when you charge them to fix up the mess.
  • You may have considered bringing the bookkeeping in-house but it is not your core business and you don’t have the time to manage it

Our Promise

  • We will enhance your reputation because your clients will be delighted
  • We will be available to continually take on new clients
  • We can save you money by training your clients to get it right and supervise them to keep them on track
  • You will be free of BAS compliance work so you can focus on strategic tax planning and business development for your clients
  • We can reduce your stress because you know you can rely on the information you receive