Document Check list

Document Checklist
Has the Accountant prepared your tax return since the last document collection?
  Copy of Tax Return
  Copy of Financial Statements
  Copy of invoice for your accounting fees
  Any other written advice your accountant may have provided
Have you transferred any monies between you accounts (business to personal or personal to business)
  Bank receipts with account details e.g. Personal to business a/c
  Bank Statements for the period
Have you received any income in the period?
  Invoices for Goods / Services Sold including business assets
  Copies of receipts issued
  Any other evidence of monies received
Have you spent any money in the period?
  Invoices for goods / services purchased including business assets
  Invoices for Property / Lease / Rent payments
  Invoices for services e.g. Telephone, Internet, Gas & Electricity etc.
  Receipts for invoices paid
  Receipts for purchases made from petty cash
  Receipts for purchases made from personal monies including personal bank account & credit cards (please note this on receipt)
Have you paid Contractors / Employees / Payroll Liabilities during the period?
  Wages calculations
  Invoices received from your contractor
  Evidence of any payroll liabilities paid e.g. superannuation Guarantee
Have you undertaken any stock check counts during the period?
  Stock count sheet
Have you received any correspondence from the ATO or ASIC?
  This could be general advice notices
  Account Statements
  Activity Statements IAS BAS PAYG FBT
  Company Review Statement